About Me

My name is Emma and I grew up on a farm in New Zealand. Yes we had sheep! I got my first sewing machine for my 10th birthday, and have always loved sewing and creating. I moved to Edinburgh Scotland in 2003 and had my daughter in 2011. and my son in 2019.

Merino is fabric used everyday in New Zealand. I wear merino almost daily. My nieces and daughter all wore merino clothes as babies and toddlers which were handed down. These items are still treasured and now my boy wears them!

I wanted to make easy to wear and easy to dress clothes for my boy with all the benefits of merino. This was especially important as I returned to work and my partner looked after him and needed super easy clothes to dress him in.

All Merino.Baby items are handmade by me. Creating clothes that are sustainable, made of New Zealand and made in Scotland is very important to me.