About Merino Dot Baby

Two babies sitting up and playing in merino pyjamas

Merino Dot Baby was started to share the magic of merino with you as a parent.

Hi, I am Emma and I was amazed at the difference in my son's sleep when he wore his merino pyjamas for the first time. It was such a noticeable difference. William has always been a good sleeper and it was still a real game changer!

I wanted to bring the benefits of merino into the clothes I was making for my son, now known as the Chief Testing Officer (CTO) at Merino Dot Baby. The easy to wear and easy to dress natural stretch of merino was brilliant for comfort and dressing an active baby and an always busy toddler.

I use ZQ merino, which is the world's leading ethical wool from New Zealand. Merino wool is 100% natural renewable, sustainable and biodegradable. A great choice for the planet as well as your baby.

Merino wool is nature's super fibre. Each element of the wool adds a unique benefit to make a performance material that loads of technical fabrics try to mimic 

It is so soft and comfortable; I have customers amazed at the stretch in it! And best for precious baby sleep as it is moisture wicking and temperature regulating. This creates a micro-climate around the skin and promotes deeper and longer sleep.