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Using Merino Dot Baby clothes as a base layer for your baby or toddler

We have had a few snow dumps over the last few months, including one on New Year's Eve!! This has got me thinking about how I have used Chief Testing Officer's merino to keep him warm. Both Merino Dot Baby's sleepwear and clothing provide an ideal thermal base layer for your little one, with superior warmth and breathability, while also being lightweight and soft against their delicate skin. CTO has been making the most of the benefits of merino by wearing his Merino Dot Baby pyjamas as a base layer.

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Why I use Merino Wool for Baby Sleepwear and Clothing

Traditionally wool is thought of as itchy and harsh on the skin, so why do I use merino wool for Merino Dot baby, toddler and kids sleepwear and clothing? Merino wool is nature's super fibre. Each quality of merino wool fibre adds a unique benefit to make a performance material that loads of technical fabrics try to mimic. Let's go through some of these together in this blog.

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Merino Wool is the Sustainable Choice for Baby Clothing for Parents and the Planet

As a parent, sustainable choices are important to me - not only for my child, but for their future and the planet. Merino is a sustainable, durable, long-lasting fabric that can be passed onto siblings, cousins or family friends. Merino wool is also a sustainable choice for the planet. It is biodegradable and non-toxic, which means it won’t harm the environment when it’s time to discard it. In this blog post, we will discuss reasons why merino wool makes a sustainable choice for parents and the planet!

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Merino Dot Baby as seen in Tatler!

I am delighted that Merino Dot Baby has been asked to be featured in Tatler magazine. And I am especially honoured that his includes the November 2022 issue that celebrates the Queen. November 2022 October 2022 September 2022   The picture included shows the merino pyjamas in Red Clay and Ivory.   The cover picture used for the Tatler shop Child and Baby shows more colours available for the merino pyjamas. Red Clay, Ochre (sleepsuit), Silver, Ivory and Soft Teal   

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