Lamington Tights -Sprinkle


Sprinkle - Flat Knit merino wool Tights/Stockings. Pink base with multi-coloured spots for babies and children

Our fine merino tights are made from the same blend as our sock range. The high waist provides an extra wool layer on chilly days. 

Made in New Zealand with 70% merino wool, Lamington tights help cold feet, legs and midsection stay snuggly and warm.

Colours may vary depending on the batch.

Customer Reviews

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Bertha Toledo Lopez

I bought these tights for my granddaughter's birthday.
I wanted to give her a practical present.
My granddaughter was quite happy with her other presents, but when she saw her pink tights and socks, the magic started.
She decided to wear the tights and socks on top of her own tights. And wanted to show them to her dad, but it had to be a surprise, we had to keep it a secret.
The laughter , the happiness, the time she was engaged with her tights and socks, seemed to be going for more than an hour.
It was a magic moment for my heart, and clearly saw it was for my granddaughter as well.
As far as I know, after a month, she still wants to wear both tights and socks every day.
I have nothing but praise for these beautifully made and excellent quality tights and socks. Many thanks indeed!!

Aww Bertha, that is the cutest story! I am so glad they arrived in time for your granddaughter’s party!