Lamington Socks & Tights

I am delighted to stock Lamington Socks! These have been a staple in my children's wardrobes, perfect socks to stop the most determined baby from pulling them off. The Merino socks last so well that they have been handed down throughout our family.

These Merino baby socks have the sizes knitted into the sole. This makes it easy to tell whose merino socks belong to which child's foot. Award Winning, New Zealand Made, 70% Merino Wool Socks For Babies and Kids. Made with merino wool, they are perfect in cold or warm temperatures. 

The award-winning Lamington knee-high merino socks are known to be "the socks that stay up and stay on". Shop the gorgeous collection of merino baby socks x 

I also have Lamington crew length merino wool socks and Lamington Design Tights.