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Merino Wool Baby Sleep Suit
Merino Wool Baby Sleep Suit
A baby sits in front of a play teepee outside, wearing a merino sleepsuit in ochre.
Flay Lay of the front of the sleepsuit in Red Clay
Flat lay of the back in red Clay against a grey background
Flat lay of a baby grow in soft teal against a grey background
Flat lay of the back of the elasticated back opening
Flat lay of a merino baby grow in Soft Teal against a white back ground
Flat lay of the back of a baby grow with feet
Flat lay of the front of a sleep suit with one foot up
Close up of the elastic opening in the back of the baby grow
Close up of the elasticated back of the merino sleep suit in Ivory
Flat lay view of a merino onsies with cuffs at the ankles

Merino Wool Baby Sleep Suit

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The Merino Wool Baby Sleep Suit has an elasticated opening at the back to help with easy nappy changes. This saves hunting for the right snaps or zips in teh dark for night time changes! 

Studies show that wearing merino helps babies sleep better, deeper and longer. This is because the merino fabric has the following qualities:

  • Temperature Regulating - it's ability to breathes and controls moisture to regulate body temperature creating a micro climate for baby sleep
  • it is hypoallergenic making it perfect for sensitive skin
  • it is stretchy, soft and super comfortable

This makes the merino wool sleep suit perfect for wearing during the day for your baby's daytime naps. As well as throughout the night.

The sleepsuits are handmade from premium zq merino wool jersey and are the perfect baby grow for the little dots in your life.

As these are Made to Order please allow up to 14 days for your order to be finished and sent for delivery. I do aim to make and send the baby sleep suits as soon as possible.

Fabric Care - Machine washable on a gentle/wool cycle, this fabric is easy care, colourfast and long lasting.

Read about ZQ Merino wool here

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