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Why I use Merino Wool for Baby Sleepwear and Clothing

Why I use Merino Wool for Baby Sleepwear and Clothing

Traditionally wool is thought of as itchy and harsh on the skin, so why do I use merino wool for Merino Dot baby, toddler and kids sleepwear and clothing?

Merino wool is nature's super fibre. Each quality of merino wool fibre adds a unique benefit to make a performance material that loads of technical fabrics try to mimic. Let's go through some of these together.

Baby Sleep and Merino Wool

I was so amazed at the difference in my son William's sleep when he wore his merino pyjamas for the first time. I really want to share it with you! The best benefits of merino are the ones that help a baby sleep deeper and longer are:

  1. it's ability to breathes and controls moisture to regulate body temperature
  2. it is hypoallergenic making it perfect for sensitive skin
  3. it is stretchy, soft and super comfortable

1. Breathes and Controls Moisture to Regulate Body Temperature

Merino wool is best for precious baby sleep as it is moisture wicking and temperature regulating.

Babies are not as good as adult at regulating their temperature internally so, as parents, we are constantly worried about our wee ones being too cold or overheating while sleeping.

The merino fibre draws moisture away from the babies skin and releases it slowly, stopping big changes in the temperature. This creates a micro - climate around the skin and promotes deeper and longer sleep. The less a baby needs to use energy to keep warm it can use this energy to grow and develop.

Compared to cotton Merino wool is twice as effective at moisture management and 10 times as effective as polyester.

2. Hypoallergenic Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Most parent will be worried that merino wool will irritate their baby's skin. Merino wool fibres are much finer than a human hair. This means that the fibres bend easily so don't irritate the skin.

Merino wool is hypoallergenic and has natural antibacterial properties which help to keep your baby's delicate skin clean, healthy and free from bacteria.

There have been several studies into the impact of superfine wool on atopic eczema (atopic dermatitis) that show merino worn next to the skin will help reduce the symptoms of eczema.

Here is what one Dad said about Merino Dot Baby pyjamas. "We are so sure the merino pyjamas help our son's eczema. We always put him in them when we notice his skin flares up and the next day it is better." 

3. Super Soft and Comfortable

As the merino fibres are fine this makes merino a super soft wool to wear. This makes it comfortable for delicate skin. And the merino fabric is lightweight to wear, easy to layer to keep kids warm.

The keratin and crimp in the fibre makes it stretchy with great recoverability, meaning it returns to shape. This makes movement easy for both newborns and the non-stop action of a toddler. 

This is great for the longevity of the clothes too, as kids grow so fast the fabric can stretch with them. It also means clothes can stretch and fit over all head sizes. William has quite a big head! 

Have a look at the Merino Dot Baby sleepwear range for babies and toddlers.


Other great Merino Wool properties that make it a perfect all year round fabric for everyday and every season.

Merino wool clothing is perfect for babies and kids everyday wear too. My son often wears his pyjamas throughout the day as base-layers. As well as these everyday wear items, they are perfect for Summer right through winter too. Here are more reason why Merino is nature's super fibre.


Natural and Biodegradable

Merino Dot Baby uses premium quality ZQ Merino. ZQ Merino is the world's leading ethical wool. This means it is traceable back to the source. It is super soft 100% merino, 18.9 micron OEKO-TEX certified jersey knit.

Merino is 100% Natural, Renewable and Biodegradable, and is a circular fibre. This makes it planet friendly, with no micro-plastics to get into the water ways.

Merino wool is the preferred sustainable choice for parents who want their children to wear natural materials without compromising on quality.


UV Protection

Merino wool has UV Protection because of the presence of melanin. Melanin is a natural pigment that protects animals from harmful ultraviolet radiation (UVR). The UVA and UVB rays are filtered by this pigment, which also helps to keep the skin healthy.


Fire Resistant

Merino Wool is fire resistant because it contains a natural protein called keratin, which has the ability to resist heat. It also has a high melting point and low shrinkage rate.


Merino Fabric Care

Merino is easy to wash easy care, colourfast and long lasting. It needs less washing due to it being antibacterial and anti-odour and can just be hung up to air if there are no stains that need washing.

It dries very quickly which is great when you want to turn the washing round quick for your kids.

The keratin in the merino wool that makes it stretchy also makes its wrinkle resistant.


I love sewing and working with merino wool and sharing this magic with you and hearing your stories of improved sleep for your little Merino Dot.

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