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How does Merino help your baby sleep better?

M E R I N O   L O V E 🐏💕

Merino helps your baby sleep better. 💤

“Studies have found that babies that slept with merino wool had lower rates of activity and a deeper, more restful sleep. They settled more quickly, cried less, slept longer and gained weight faster.”*

Merino does this by managing the moisture coming off the skin, by creating a microclimate which regulates the body temperature, reducing risk of overheating.

I was amazed at the difference in William's sleep when he wore his merino pyjamas for the first time. It was such a noticeable difference. William has always been a good sleeper and it was still a real game changer! 

*From the Wool & Babies factsheet in resources on the International Wool Texile Organisation website 

 IWTO Wool-Babies fact sheet