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Using Merino Dot Baby clothes as a base layer for your baby or toddler

Using Merino Dot Baby clothes as a base layer for your baby or toddler

Toddler out in the snow in baselayers with snowy hills 

We have had a few snow dumps over the last few months, including one on New Year's Eve!!

This has got me thinking about how I have used Chief Testing Officer's merino to keep him warm.

Both Merino Dot Baby's sleepwear and clothing provide an ideal thermal base layer for your little one, with superior warmth and breathability, while also being lightweight and soft against their delicate skin.

CTO has been making the most of the benefits of merino by wearing his Merino Dot Baby pyjamas as a base layer.

Wearing Merino wool base layers as a toddler


Snow in our back garden and view to Crieff in Perthshire

Waking up to the snow in the morning is so exciting for the kids (and for me too!) the first thing you want to do is get out and play in it while it is untouched and fresh.

Bedtime reading wearing merino pyjamas

CTO wears the crew merino pyjamas every night, which are slim fit and cover ankle to wrist. As these are a perfect base layer, I can easily add a pair of lamington socks, a snood and a Toddler Hat so he is merino head to toe!

Throw on his clothes over the top (for a mid-layer) with his snowsuit (outer-layer) and his favourite merino/cashmere blend mitts from the tartan blanket co.

Toddler in deep snow

I know he is warm as merino wool is ideal next to his skin. It provides warmth and breathability and is lightweight and incredibly soft against delicate skin.

Merino wool is also naturally odour-resistant, meaning that he can wear his merino wool base layers for longer without needing to be washed as often. So it is easy to keep him in his pyjamas throughout the day.

What is Layering when it comes to clothing?

Merino Dot Baby CTO bending down to look closely at the snow with his spade in hand.

Layering is a popular way to dress for both adults and children. It involves wearing multiple layers of clothing to keep warm and comfortable in any weather condition. This works by trapping heat between the individual layers. You will generally have a base layer, mid-layer and outer layer but can add more layers as needed.

    • The base layer is the clothing that is worn next to the skin to wick away moisture keeping the wearer warm and dry.
    • A mid-layer is the next layer of clothing after the base layer to trap the air and insulate to keep in the warmth.
    • An outer layer is your coat, jacket, or in CTO's case his snowsuit, to keep out the wet rain, snow and wind.

Layering is important when dressing babies and toddlers, as they are more sensitive to temperature than adults, as they cannot regulate their body temperature.

What is a merino baselayer?

A baselayer is a layer worn closest to your skin and is designed to provide insulation and wick away moisture, keeping the wearer warm and dry. Base layers are typically made from lightweight, breathable fabrics such as merino wool, and silk, or synthetic (plastic) materials like polyester or nylon.

Flat lay of the merino raglan tee in Red Clay.

Merino Dot Baby clothes are made from 100% pure merino wool, which is incredibly soft and lightweight yet provides superior warmth and insulation. The natural fibres of the wool also help to regulate body temperature, so your little one won’t overheat.

Flat lay of merino cuff trousers in Soft Teal.

At Merino Dot Baby I choose to use premium ZQ Merino, which is the world's leading ethical wool, due to its certification that protects animal welfare and has the highest environmental standards. Merino wool is 100% natural, sustainable, renewable & biodegradable. Making it not just kind to your kids, but kind to the planet they will be growing up in years to come.

When layering clothing for babies and toddlers, it’s important to start with a base layer that is an incredibly soft, lightweight and breathable fabric that helps regulate body temperature in cold weather. Wearing a merino wool base layer is perfect for kids to keep warm and enjoy playing outdoors in the cold weather!

What are the best baselayers for my baby or child?

Merino wool is the ideal fabric for children due to its moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial, quick-drying, odour-resistant and stain-resistant characteristics. It will keep them warm in colder climates but cool in hotter temperatures.

What should I look for in a base layer?

For maximum comfort, the first layer of clothing should be light, breathable and made of natural fibres. Merino wool is perfect as it is light and soft and manages the moisture off of the skin to regulate your temperature.

What fabric is best for base layers?

Merino wool is a great fabric choice for base layers due to its breathability and capacity for moisture absorption, it quickly keeps you warm even if it gets wet. It also drys quickly.

Merino Dot Baby base layering options for babies and toddlers by age

 Baby sitting up looking at the camera wearing a merino sleepsuit.

  • Newborns to 1 year:
    • The Merino Wool Baby Sleep Suit: an all-in-one option for a base layer. The Merino Wool Baby Sleep Suit has an elasticated opening at the back to help with easy nappy changes. 
    • The Cuff Trousers and Raglan Tee is a great separates option for small babies. The cuff trousers have a wide soft merino waistband that is easy to put on and super comfortable around tiny tummies. The raglan tee is just as easy to get on, and the merino is super stretchy and fits over any head. A lot of customers buy these as a pyjama set for the youngest babies.
Baby wearing a merino pyjama top and cuff trousers.
  • 12 months to 24 months (1 to 2 years): I recommend the original Merino Wool Baby Pyjamas. Envelope neck for easy dressing or pulling off down the body. A long body to overlap with the bottoms to keep in the warmth.  Soft ankle and wrist cuffs to keep legs and arms in place, even wearing larger sizes to increase wearing longevity.
Baby crawling toward the camera onto the grass from a rug.
  • Toddlers (2 - 4 years) Crew PJs: I recommend the Crew Merino Pyjamas. These have a crew neck. A long body to overlap with the bottoms to keep in the warmth. Soft ankle and wrist cuffs to keep legs and arms in place, even wearing larger sizes to increase wearing longevity.

Toddler wearing the crew merino pyjamas facing away while playing.

Next time you and your wee ones are out in the snow, these merino base layers will help to keep your kids warm, and let them enjoy the cold weather for longer! 

Why Should You Invest in Merino Base Layers?

To stay warm when spending time outdoors, it's essential to have a quality base layer. Merino wool is an investment that many families are willing to make for their children. Although the initial cost of merino base layer/pyjama sets can be a bit expensive, the material's durability, versatility, and sustainability justify its price over time.

Babies outside wearing different colours of merino sleepwear.

I know it can be hard to spend a lot on kids' clothes when you know your child will likely grow out of them in a season, especially when buying for multiple quickly growing children. However, investing in a wool winter layer is worth it in the long run as they usually last a long time and can be handed down or resold second-hand.

Merino wool is also incredibly breathable and temperature-regulating, making it ideal for cold weather conditions. Additionally, merino wool is naturally anti-bacterial and odour resistant which makes it perfect for active kids, who need something that won't get smelly after playing outside all day. All these features make merino wool an excellent investment for families looking to keep their kids warm and comfortable during the winter months.