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4 of the best merino gifts for babies this Christmas 2023

4 of the best merino gifts for babies this Christmas 2023

Why gift Merino for babies

It's no secret that I love merino wool and I also love sharing why with all parents! Studies show that wearing merino helps babies sleep better, deeper and longer. This is because the Merino fabric has some magic qualities!

  • Temperature Regulating - it's ability to breathe and control moisture to regulate body temperature creating a micro-climate for baby sleep
  • it is hypoallergenic making it perfect for sensitive and delicate baby skin, and even helps soothe eczema.
  • it is stretchy, soft and super comfortable
  • machine washable and dries super fast so you can pop your wee one back into it!

1. Matching Christmas Socks for the whole Family

  • Do you love matching with your baby? These gorgeous socks from the award-winning Lamington Socks are perfect. Sizes for the whole family are available too!
  • Wear them together as a family an ideal Christmas gift to share with your baby. Lamington produces comfortable and beautiful merino wool socks that will keep your baby warm and stylish. New Zealand Made, sizes knitted into every pair so no confusion over whose are whose!
    • Nutcracker - Christmas-inspired limited edition Nutcracker merino wool crew socks for babies.

    • Comet - Dark Blue with white Christmas Trees, Snow and Stars merino wool crew socks for babies, children and adults.
    • Get these Socks for the whole family, by using the code CHRISTMAS23 when buying two pairs or more for 20% off.

    2. Merino Baby Sleepsuit

    • Made to order from single jersey Merino in a range of modern and gender-neutral colours, this sleepsuit will fit into your style while being sustainable.
    • The sleep suit has an elasticated opening at the back to help with easy nappy changes. This saves hunting for the right snaps or zips in the dark for nighttime changes! 
    • perfect for wearing during the day for your baby's daytime naps. As well as throughout the night.

    3. Baby Beanie Hats to keep heads cosy

    • A gorgeous merino baby beanie hat that has been called out by customers as the only one that stays put. 
    • Great for keeping cosy indoors and perfect for outdoor walks.

    4. Merino Pyjamas

    • These merino pyjamas are so silly soft, warm, comfortable and light to wear, pyjama days have become common with little merino dots wearing these as base layers!
    • The pyjamas machine wash well, keep the gorgeous colour and dry quickly. They have plenty of room to grow so last for ages.
    • Great in winter and summer.


    More Gifts

    For more ideas check out my Gift catalogue too! Happy Shopping!