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Photoshoot BTS - Behind The Scenes & working with babies 👶🏻

Photoshoot BTS - Behind The Scenes & working with babies 👶🏻

First Photoshoot - It was such a beautiful day.

As this was my first professional photoshoot for Merino Dot Baby it was really pushing me outside my comfort zone! It had been along time since I had been on a set.

To get through the periods of Imposter Syndrome, I reminded myself that this is a sign of growth and surrounded myself with great woman that I have worked with before! 

I got to catch up with friends and meet their babies for the first time. It was quite emotional, I might have cried a bit 😭 💕 ✨

Thanks to Rhiannon from Small Fish Brand Co for her awesome photography and amazing support! 

And to Jen, of Teepee Dreams by Jen, who included all the accessories, blankets, cushions, fairy lights and toys!! 

I saw my daughter embrace the project and show her initiative and creative side. My daughter took some amazing BTS photos. Proud mama! Here are her photos:

Selfie of passenger and driver in car with text saying ‘On my way to the photoshoot with my assistant.’
My daughter has claimed this quote as hers 😂

Here are some BTS photos of the fab models and crew that she took. These are brilliant photos.

Close up of toddler smiling at the camera, showing two front teeth. 

 Toddler in merino wool pyjamas sits holding the side of a teepee and looks up. There is a candle holder in front.

 Baby in merino wool pyjamas, sits holding a blue cuddly rabbit toy up to their mouth.

 A wide shot of gardens with big trees and bushes and a big grassed area. Two children’s play teepees sit on the grass with a group of people sitting like a picnic
Here is the stunning location at Lauriston Castle, Edinburgh, complete with a Mimi's cafe. Perfect for a coffee break.

Woman squats over a bag with three new pairs of Lamington socks fanned in her hand as she chooses one pair

Here I am sorting through the Lamington Socks to be styled with the outfits.

Open lawn with a woman crouched taking a photo of a toddler crawling towards her. Play teepees and big garden in the background.
Rhiannon in action and Chase on the go!

Selfie of a girl holding a large cuddly teddy bear.

 There were several selfies included in my daughters pics!