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Photoshoot the Sneak Peek first Sleepwear pics 😍

Photoshoot the Sneak Peek first Sleepwear pics 😍

They are here!

Sneak Peek pics are here for my first professional photoshoot with Rhiannon from Small Fish Brand Co. I am so excited to share them with you 🤗

The merino pyjamas are the hero of the shoot, worn perfectly by this cute bunch of little Merino Dots.

So pleased to get this shot! We managed to get a time that worked for all the naps and had everyone for a group pic! Maybe you can imagine the action that is going on just outside shot... haha! This is the sleepwear line up in our core colours. Pyjamas in Red Clay, a Sleep suit in Ochre, then pyjamas in Silver, Ivory and Soft Teal.

The sweetest thing to see the wee ones interacting in the set. Love the teepees from Teepee Dreams by Jen, Jen included all the accessories, blankets, cushions, fairy lights and toys!!

Merino sleepwear pyjamas baby toddler Scotland UK 3

 Evie wears the Red Clay Pyjamas and Alexander is sporting the Ivory.

 Baby crawls on grass towards the camera wearing merino soft teal pyjamas

Chase wears the best selling colour for pyjamas, Soft Teal. Get these here

Baby crawls out of teepee wearing Silver merino pyjamas

Ruaridh wears the silver pyjamas. The jersey fabric has great stretch and recovery makes it easy and fast to dress babies and fast moving toddlers!

Baby sits in teepee wear sleepsuit in Ochre

 Fury wears the Sleepsuit in Ochre, this is a custom make with a dropped crouch and grow with me cuffs to extend the wearable life of the garment.

 Baby lies on soft blanket smiling up at camera in Red Clay pyjamas

Poppy is the wearing the pyjamas in Red Clay. These are a size bigger than Poppy wear and still fit great due to the cuffs at the wrists and ankles. These will continue to fit beyond the size because great stretch and recovery of the merino wool jersey.

I have more photos to show you of the everyday wear items in my next blog.

See you then!

Emma x