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Why I use Merino Wool for Baby Sleepwear and Clothing

Traditionally wool is thought of as itchy and harsh on the skin, so why do I use merino wool for Merino Dot baby, toddler and kids sleepwear and clothing? Merino wool is nature's super fibre. Each quality of merino wool fibre adds a unique benefit to make a performance material that loads of technical fabrics try to mimic. Let's go through some of these together in this blog.

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Merino Wool is the Sustainable Choice for Baby Clothing for Parents and the Planet

As a parent, sustainable choices are important to me - not only for my child, but for their future and the planet. Merino is a sustainable, durable, long-lasting fabric that can be passed onto siblings, cousins or family friends. Merino wool is also a sustainable choice for the planet. It is biodegradable and non-toxic, which means it won’t harm the environment when it’s time to discard it. In this blog post, we will discuss reasons why merino wool makes a sustainable choice for parents and the planet!

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Why Merino Wool Clothing Is Great for Kids With Eczema

If your child suffers from eczema, you know how difficult it can be to find clothing that does not cause them skin irritation. Traditional cotton clothing can be very harsh on eczema-prone skin, but there is a better option: merino wool clothing. It was one of the many reasons I chose to make my baby wear and kids clothes from merino wool. When choosing merino wool clothing for your child, it is important to choose items that are made from 100% pure merino wool. This will ensure that your child's skin comes into contact only with soft, natural fibres. You've probably heard me rave about how merino wool is a natural fibre so it's not damaging for the environment, no...

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Photoshoot BTS - Behind The Scenes & working with babies 👶🏻

First Photoshoot - It was such a beautiful day. As this was my first professional photoshoot for Merino Dot Baby it was really pushing me outside my comfort zone! It had been along time since I had been on a set. To get through the periods of Imposter Syndrome, I reminded myself that this is a sign of growth and surrounded myself with great woman that I have worked with before!  I got to catch up with friends and meet their babies for the first time. It was quite emotional, I might have cried a bit 😭 💕 ✨ Thanks to Rhiannon from Small Fish Brand Co for her awesome photography and amazing support!  And to Jen, of Teepee Dreams by Jen, who included...

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