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Why merino pyjamas!

Why merino pyjamas!

Wearing merino when sleeping helps babies sleep better. This is because it is Temperature Regulating, Moisture Wicking and Comfortable.

Merino wool keeps warm when it is cool and cool when it is warm. It absorbs moisture, which keeps baby dry and fresh. The merino fibres are super fine making merino soft. It is also hyper-allergenic perfect for sensitive baby skin. The jersey fabric has great stretch and recovery makes it easy and fast to dress babies and fast moving toddlers!

I was amazed at the difference in William's sleep when he wore his merino pyjamas for the first time. It was such a noticeable difference. William has always been a good sleeper and it was still a real game changer! 

The pyjama top has an envelope neck to help with easy dressing. It is long so that the overlap ensure no little tummies being exposed. This also means they can be worn for longer than the age range.

The pyjama bottoms have a soft knitted elastic waist for comfort. The ankle cuffs are to keep the legs in place for cosiness and no tripping over the longer legs. This also allow little ones to wear the pyjamas for longer.