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Merino and your sleeping baby

Merino and your sleeping baby

Getting your baby to sleep can be hard, especially for new parents. You want them to be comfortable and stay warm at night but also not overheat during the day.

Merino wool is a high quality material that regulates body temperature in both hot and cold climates. It is also moisture wicking which means it draws sweat away from the skin keeping babies dryer in hot weather and warmer in colder temperatures.

Introducing my merino pyjamas!

Merino Wool Pyjamas

These are perfect for all seasons as they regulate body temperature while being super soft on their sensitive skin. They are breathable so they won't make your child too hot or sweaty while sleeping or playing, plus they're designed with long sleeves to keep little arms covered when it's cold outside.

My merino wool pyjamas come in modern colours so you'll have no problem picking out something that fits into your little one's wardrobe perfectly.

They can be worn all year round, as well as during the day. As leggings or as a long sleeve base layer.

Merino wool pyjamas