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Merino Wool Sleepsuit for babies

Merino Wool Sleepsuit for babies

Merino wool is super soft and comfortable for your baby

I want to create comfort for as many little babies as I can, using merino allows me to do this. As part of creating comfort the clothes I make are easy to dress your Merino Dot as possible. The merino sleepsuit does this for the littlest babes.

Baby sits in a teepee outside, he is wearing a merino sleepsuit in ochre.

The best sleep suit for changing baby at night

The Merino sleepsuit is made with an elasticated opening at the back instead of snaps, also called poppers, or as they are known in New Zealand - domes! This means that nappy changes become easier, especially at night.

This saves hunting to match the right snaps in the dark, when you can be super tired. Or trying to match up those zips and worrying that you are going to catch your babies precious skin.

Longer lasting size options for Baby sleepsuit

 The merino baby sleep suits are also customisable to increase the longevity of wear for your baby. As babies grow fast they can go through clothes very quickly. The natural stretch in merino allows it to fit much longer than the label size. Adding grow with me cuffs and dropping the crouch will also add more wearable time for the sleep suit.

To request custom changes message though the custom contact page